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Our fine Probate Judge in Contra Costa County Superior Court, Honorable John H. Sugiyama gave out some humorous information recently in the “Contra Costa Lawyer”. 

I thought I’d share some edited versions of those reasons because they provide interesting glimpses of everyday life for the residents of our county.

The standard reasons seem to follow along these lines:

“I’m divorced. I don’t want my spouse’s name anymore.”

“I want a fresh start.”

“I never like the name my parents chose.”

“I want to use my mother’s family name. She raised me, not my father.”

“I want to use my stepfather’s name. My own father has never been a part of my life.”

Other reasons reflect the ever present pursuit of the American dream:

“The hospital put down the wrong name.”

“The hospital wrote the name in the wrong order.”

“My name is too difficult to pronounce.”

“My friends have always known me by the name I want to make official.”

“I want a simpler name to use in my business.”

“I want an American-sounding name.”

This is just a glimpse of one of the many ways the Probate Court serves Contra Costa residents.