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Estate Contests & Litigation

Estate Contests & Litigation

Lafayette, California, Estate Litigation Attorneys

When a family member passes away, people generally expect the process of dealing with the estate to be emotionally difficult but legally straightforward. You may have formed certain assumptions, and some surprises are common. However, few are prepared to deal with deception, outright swindling or unjust allegations.

If you suspect dishonesty or errors in the handling of an estate — or need to defend your own rights and actions — contact us for a free 30-minute consultation. For decades, our Lafayette, California, law firm has been an effective resource for the pursuit of will and trust contests and the defense of people accused of wrongdoing in estate matters.

Elder Abuse — Undue Influence — Forgeries — Mistakes — Questionable Claims

Vulnerable elders are exploited more often than most people realize. Perpetrators sometimes get away with illegal acts while others grieve and operate on basic human trust. We have extensive insight into estate planning and across the spectrum of estate litigation. Our attorneys have handled cases involving:

  • Many types of financial elder abuse — including instances of family members, caregivers or “friends” persuading Alzheimer’s victims or other vulnerable people to change their wills or trusts
  • Gifts or other considerations obtained through coercion, deception or another form of undue influence
  • Outright forgery of a will, power of attorney or another estate document
  • Suspicious changes in estate plans when the decedent was nearing death
  • Suspected mistakes, broken promises or claims on the estate that must be resolved
  • Questionable conduct by administrators and executors

Thorough, Informed Analysis Of Your Legal Options And Potential Case

Our team of experienced lawyers will help you determine:

  • Whether there is enough evidence of wrongdoing to pursue a will contest, trust contest or another estate litigation
  • Whether the value of the assets in question justifies initiating a potentially complex, time-consuming action
  • If an executor or trustee’s handling of estate matters — which may include embezzling from the estate or delaying distribution of assets — may enable you to get their authorities revoked
  • How best to defend yourself if your inheritance rights or involvement in an estate is under attack

We recognize the difficulty of any decision to take legal action against a family member or someone you have trusted. Facing any such allegation is a traumatic experience as well. For the estate litigation counsel, please call or email us today.