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Probate & Trust Administration

Probate & Trust Administration

Lafayette, California, Attorneys With Decades Of Probate Experience

Although it is possible to get through the California probate process without a lawyer, we have seen many people become overwhelmed by the requirements and complexities. At a time that is stressful and demanding in so many ways, it can be a beneficial decision to turn to an experienced lawyer focused on relieving your burden while protecting your financial interests.

We are down-to-earth people who will assess your needs and communicate clearly what needs to be accomplished and how long it will take. Fees for probate attorneys are set by California law and determined according to the size of the estate. You do not pay upfront costs in your probate case, nor do you pay more to work with a respected, long-standing firm like ours.

Efficient, Dependable Services To Meet Legal Requirements And Avoid Disputes

We frequently counsel and represent trustees, personal representatives and family members who want to be sure every aspect of wrapping up an estate is handled efficiently and that all legal requirements are met, once and for all. Should any type of dispute arise, you will already have formed a strong relationship with a highly accomplished estate litigation firm prepared to deal with any complication.

Trust Administration Is A Strength Of Our Firm

Living trusts are often complex documents, and the laws governing trust administration are constantly evolving as new types of trusts and other estate planning tools emerge. Entire books have been written on trust administration, and our experienced counsel may be helpful to avoiding time-consuming and costly litigation.

A surviving spouse, son or daughter, or friend may be assigned the duties of a trustee but they may need to work closely with an attorney to deal with issues that arise, including:

  • Distribution of many types of assets, sometimes requiring complex decisions or negotiations
  • Verifying and satisfying all obligations to creditors
  • Assets that must be re-titled, and an array of tax obligations that may apply
  • Meeting all requirements for documenting and reporting transactions
  • Determining and collecting proper administration fees from the estate

At our long-standing, respected law firm, you will find three attorneys whose primary focus is estate law. We understand how to handle intricate challenges and any unanticipated complications. To arrange a free 30-minute consultation, please contact us today.