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Juvenile Law & Administrative Hearings

Juvenile Law & Administrative Hearings

Lafayette, California, Lawyers For Juvenile And Regulatory Problems

There are many challenging situations that do not fit neatly into a certain well-defined legal category — but still call for help from a lawyer.

You may not know where to turn when your child is facing possible suspension or expulsion from school, for example. Or if you must defend your professional license before a state board or deal with some other complex government regulatory process, where do you turn? Contact us today to tell us about your problem and discuss your legal options.

At Pedder, Hesseltine, Walker & Toth, LLP, we are committed to being a helpful resource for people dealing with these and other life-altering challenges. In addition to our clear strengths in estate law, criminal defense and family law, we provide counsel and representation for clients who must deal with a range of matters impacting children or their ability to succeed in their profession.

Knowledge Of Juvenile Law, School Discipline And Government Procedures

Attorney Wally G. Hesseltine has built a strong reputation for providing solid guidance and advocacy in tough situations, including:

  • Defending young people in juvenile court, where the laws and consequences are specific to that arena
  • Pursuing administrative hearings and other available measures in the effort to keep students in school after they have gotten into trouble because of disciplinary problems, overall behavior or specific policy violations
  • Advising clients and providing representation before county boards and state agencies that govern real estate licensing, child care licensing and other important matters

Courtrooms are not the only place where an experienced attorney can make a difference for you. With the advent of “zero tolerance” policies in schools and increased complexity in many other sectors of society, it can be critical to talk to someone with insight into the law and prior experience with situations like yours.

As a community fixture in Contra Costa County for decades, our firm has gained insight into many complex problems faced by our fellow citizens. We encourage you to call or email our firm today to discuss your concern involving juvenile law, school discipline or an administrative matter.