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Why Do You Need A Probate & Trust Administration Attorney?

Why Do You Need A Probate & Trust Administration Attorney?

After a loved one passes and you are named as the executor of their estate, you have the option to administer the estate yourself or hire legal representation to help you through the process. If there is an estate plan already in place, you may be asking yourself — why do you need a probate and trust administration attorney?

The Lafayette probate attorneys at Pedder, Hesseltine, Walker & Toth, LLP, have guided countless families through the probate process. With a combined 120 years of experience in estate planning, probate law and estate litigation, we have unique insight into the challenges people face while executing an estate. Below are just three reasons why an attorney can be invaluable to you in this difficult time.

1. A Probate Lawyer Makes The Process Faster And Easier

Probate is notoriously complicated. California has their own laws and guidelines regarding probate, especially when a loved one dies intestate. Going through this alone can be overwhelming, especially as you are grieving.

An attorney can not only make the process as easy as possible for you, but they also can facilitate the administration of the estate faster, allowing you to move forward and forget about the legal details.

2. You Minimize The Chance Of Conflict Arising Within The Family

When an estate dispute arises, it can tear your family apart. As esteemed estate litigation attorneys, we are always prepared to defend your rights in a will contest or another estate conflict. However, by hiring a probate and trust administration lawyer as soon as possible, you can minimize the chances for a dispute to arise in the first place, making the process as smooth as possible for you and your family.

3. You Can Be Sure All Loose Ends Are Tied

Probate involves more than just distributing assets. There are some concerns such as paying off outstanding debts and paying the appropriate estate taxes and probate costs that you may overlook, or do improperly, leading to even more costs down the road. Our attorneys are very familiar with all the guidelines and systems in California, and take care of all the details so you can put this process behind you.

Have Questions? Speak To Our Attorneys To Learn More.

The decision to hire an attorney is a big one. You shouldn’t have to go through this alone. Call our office in Lafayette at 925-283-6816 to speak to one of our attorneys, or reach out online to learn more. We are happy to help you.