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Attorney Rating Services. There are any number of such rating services throughout the United States and along with individual firms strutting their expertise on T.V. and the internet how is a potential client to pick a qualified attorney. One way is to call your local bar association, attorney reference panel, and tell them your problem and they will often select an adequate lawyer for you in the particular field you need. As far as I know the only national qualified rating service for attorneys is an outfit called Martindale-Hubbell. They publish peer view ratings for all attorneys annually. You can contact them on the internet, through your county law library, or through an attorney you know. They rank the attorneys according to their findings as to the attorney’s abilities. They are a big and honorable outfit and really work hard to find out about attorneys and their abilities and spend a lot in talking to other attorneys about specific attorneys and what these other attorneys think about them. This is called peer review. If you ask any lawyer about peer review, they will tell you that Martindale-Hubbell is tops in the nation.

Our firm is proud to be ranked by Martindale-Hubbell AV their preeminent rating” or top rating for our legal abilities

I’m looking at a heavy trophy right now that was given to us by Martindale-Hubbell a few years back which indicates our rating “AV the preeminent rating, achieved only after admission to the bar at least 10 years, indicating the highest level of legal ability and ethics. The pinnacle of professional excellence”.