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When someone passes away, many family members come together to support one another and grieve together. However, for some, the start of the estate administration process can lead to conflicts. Estate-related disputes can take significant time and money, as well as cause stress and possible familial rifts.

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When family members disagree about inheritances and estate administration, it can be a highly emotionally charged situation. Often, family members accuse others of misconduct and cheating them out of their rightful inheritance. Those accused will likely get very defensive, denying any wrongdoing to protect themselves from liability.

Amid these challenging conflicts, it helps immensely to have an estate attorney on your side. A lawyer can:

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Common types of inheritance disputes

Inheritance disputes can arise among family members or beneficiaries regarding the distribution of assets after someone’s death. These disputes often involve personal, familial, and financial concerns and have the potential to strain relationships. While each situation is unique, there are several common inheritance disputes that often occur.

Questioning the validity of the will or trust

Beneficiaries may challenge an estate document’s authenticity, arguing that the deceased lacked mental capacity, was under undue influence, or that the document was forged. These disputes require a thorough examination of evidence and may involve the testimony of witnesses or experts.

Unequal distribution of assets

When beneficiaries feel that the division of assets is unfair or inconsistent with the deceased’s intentions, conflicts can arise. Unequal treatment can lead to allegations of favoritism or manipulation, especially when significant assets are involved.

Appointment of executors or trustees

Family members may disagree on the suitability or competency of the designated individual, leading to conflicts over the administration of the estate or trust. Questions about the executor’s performance or allegations of misconduct can further escalate the dispute.

Blended families

Blended families can be a common source of inheritance disputes. When a deceased person has children from previous marriages or relationships, conflicts may arise between stepchildren and biological children over inheritance rights and entitlements. There might also be conflicts between current spouses and children from a previous marriage.

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