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Over 35 Years of Experience in Northern California Courts

In the Contra Costa-Alameda County region and throughout the Bay Area, attorney Wally G. Hesseltine has built a strong reputation for resourceful, aggressive criminal defense. If you or someone you care about is facing charges such as a DUI, a drug crime, theft or domestic violence, we encourage you to contact our Lafayette law offices today for a free 30 minute consultation.

As a former prosecutor and veteran of trials and negotiations at all levels of the system, Wally Hesseltine brings valuable perspective to every criminal defense challenge. His straight-talking, practical approach can be invaluable as you assess all legal options and seek an outcome that enables you to move forward in life.

Adult and Juvenile Defense — Skilled Advocacy When You Need It Most

We focus on finding the best ways to minimize damaging consequences for people who have run into trouble with the police. We frequently represent juveniles and adults charged with:

  • DUI (sometimes called drunk driving or DWI/OWI), and consequently facing a lengthy driver's license suspension in addition to other serious penalties
  • Possession, sale and other drug crimes involving marijuana, cocaine, prescription drugs or other illegal substances
  • Domestic violence, violation of a restraining order, assault or another violent crime
  • Theft, burglary, shoplifting and other property crimes
  • A range of other misdemeanor and felony offenses

Proven Resources to Build the Best Possible Case

DUI laws are zealously enforced throughout California, resulting in the arrest of people across the social spectrum. We are equipped to handle all aspects of your DUI defense, especially if you choose to fight the charges and need the representation Mr. Hesseltine — a longtime member of the California DUI Lawyers Association — to negotiate assertively for a result you can live with. Our approach may include:

  • Calling on a proven, credible forensic toxicologist or other experts to challenge the evidence against you
  • Pursuing any available alternative sentencing or diversion program options to minimize disruption of your life and potential damage to your future

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If you or a family member has been arrested, we make it as simple and non-threatening as we can to speak with a proven lawyer willing and able to help. Instead of waiting and worrying, we encourage you to contact us today.